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truebluemeandyou: Jewelry Making for Beginners. Still one of the best series of posts on attaching clasps of all types that I use as a reference.

DIY Jewelry Making for Beginners: How to Attach Clasps Tutorials by Teahab Part One and Two.
Part One How to Attach Clasps here. It covers:
Using Box Clasps for thicker cord
Using Crimp Tube with Loop for thinner cords
Using Ribbon Ends for fabric and ribbon
Part Two How to Attach Clasps here. It covers:
Crimps and Callottes for cords
Wire Guardians for heavier pieces
Wire Wrapping for multiple strands

DIY Macrame Friendship Bracelet Done Three Ways Tutorial from The Purl Bee here. I had to read the tutorial more than once to really understand what was going on but found the link to a prior tutorial really helpful. I really like how the closure it woven into the bracelet.

DIY Tee Shirt to No Sew Halter Top Tutorial from Wobisobi here. *For lots more really easy tee shirt restyles and jewerly projects that I’ve posted from Wobisobi go here:


Do I dare attempt to DIY this? It will inevitably only ever be half complete knowing me…but oh, do I waaaaant one.
ohai. I just made this.


Dress-ish thing made of vintage scarves? :)

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